About The Fund

One month before her 14th birthday, Karyn Glick of Westfield, NJ was diagnosed with chronic myelogenous leukemia. Despite receiving the best treatment available, including a bone marrow transplant, Karyn succumbed to the disease just eleven months later on March 18, 1996. From Karyn’s death and the loss sustained by her family and friends, the Karyn Research Fund was born.

The Karyn Research Fund is a 501c3 organization which supports a Fellow from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of America whose research focuses on earlier detection, improved treatment, and ultimately, the prevention of pediatric cancers. The Fund also supports St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the single largest center in the US dedicated to the treatment and research of pediatric cancer and other childhood catastrophic diseases. We hope and anticipate that one day soon a humane and effective cure will be found so that no one else will have to suffer the loss of a beloved child, sibling, friend or valued community member to this terrible disease.

About Party at the Piers

In 2003, Party at the Piers was created as a means of building financial support for the Karyn Research Fund. The event got its start (and its name) as a small benefit in Karyn’s memory, for her former classmates, friends and family. About 50 people gathered in a space at Chelsea Piers with the kind of views Karyn would have appreciated. This year, we are thrilled to celebrate our thirteenth anniversary and the amazing strides we’ve made over the past decade.

Last year, over 400 young professionals joined us for a night under the stars. This year, we are returning to the Boat Basin on 79th Street in hopes of exceeding this and raising even more money. We hope you will consider being an event sponsor by purchasing a “Friend of Karyn Ticket”. We are proud to encourage and benefit from those who recognize the brilliant combination of having fun while doing good.

Each year Party at the Piers celebrates the memory of Karyn Glick, a vivacious, witty, and generous friend. We hope you’ll join us to party for this great cause on Thursday night, June 15th at the West 79th Street Boat Basin Cafe.

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